The chefs

From the same generation and with the same sweet tooth, Cyril and Benoît Couvrand were destined to meet up sooner or later. After 10 years as a pastry chef at Fauchon, Benoît Couvrand always feels a need for novelty. His encounter with Cyril Lignac, another chef tempted by an adventure into sweet desserts, took him down the same path and helped form this now well-known sweet pastry twosome.

Creations are the work of both chefs, depending on desires and the seasons. Their leitmotiv is that of “primary tastes”: vanilla, caramel and chocolate, bathed in subtlelty. Their most popular creations include the Equinoxe, the first hallmark sweet from La Pâtisserie, wonderfully regressive with light ganache chocolate flavoured with Bourbon vanilla, a salted butter caramel filling and Speculoos biscuit. Then there is the salted butter caramel eclair, made from a secret recipe, or the gargantuan rum baba, copiously lathered in Bourbon vanilla chantilly cream.

These star pastries are accompanied by the celebrated lemon pie, a sparkling addition reflecting the jovial style of both chefs, enhanced with other timeless creations that change from one season to the next.

Restyled classic pastries with one and the same wish: eating pleasure.